Engelli Kadın Derneği (ENG-KAD)


Women with disabilities constitute a significant part of disabled population in Turkey, however, their problems resulting from being women and being disabled which create a double disadvantage have been ignored until very recently in the country. And due to the lack of associations or any other non-governmental organizations specialized in the rights and needs of women with disabilities in Turkey, which seemed to be a significant gap in this area, the idea of ENGKAD was born in 2009. Although ENGKAD has been carried out their activities as an initiative between 2009-2011, our team decided to become an association with the name of “Engelli Kadın Dernegi (Association of Women with Disabilities) in September 2011, in Ankara-Turkey. Today, ENGKAD is a nationally recognized non-governmental organization and is run by women with disabilities for women with disabilities. Its membership is open to both disabled and non-disabled women. Since the very first day of ENGKAD, it has been carrying out different projects to inform women with disabilities on the subjects of discrimination, disability rights, gender, violence against women and possible protection mechanisms. Although ENGKAD is an organization based in Ankara, it is working in different cities of Turkey as well. In these cities, ENGKAD has been carrying out seminars designed to inform women with disabilities to understand and demand their rights. Also, monitoring the violence against women is current research and reporting activity of ENGKAD.

Website: engellikadin.org.tr

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