The after workshop “Growing the future”

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The after workshop “Growing the future”

The after workshop “Growing the future”

This experience was GREAT!

The goal has been widely achieved because there has indeed been an exchange of good practices among guests from different countries, everyone’s knowledge has been enriched, human relationships have expanded, there has been the sharing of personal experiences, the ‘event has offered the opportunity for people with disabilities to try to play sports, play like children even if adults, experience new emotions while two bodies dance, chills to see the show of the gymnasts of GuimiGYM ect ect.

In a few words, it was a wonderful experience!

The theoretical session of September 14th proved to be very interesting and many were the interventions that caught the attention including:
– Elisabet Apelmo, a researcher at the University of Malmo who reported numerous testimonies of young women.
– Tania Bastos representative of the University of Porto who spoke about the educational role of sport in the Paralympic field.
– Moises Rodriguez Garcia, Honorary Professor of the Complutense University of Madrid, has captured the public attention immediately, talking about adapted sports.
– The direct testimonies of women with disabilities, namely Kate Farley, Serife Koseoglu and Iriade Rodriguez.
I want to highlight that everybody’s strength, skills and willingness were shared.

The theoretical-practical session of September 15th was even more extraordinary.
In the morning, Margarida Silva, who represented the Portuguese company Orthos XXI talked about the role and the contribution that technology offers to the disabled people, more precisely of assistive technologies (prototypes and orthopedic aids). Later, University of Minho was represented by engineer Cristina Santos, two other exponents of the theoretical session were Elisabet Apelmo and Moises Rodriguez Garcia.
The morning continued with the life testimonies and sports routes of the Paralympic athlete Manuel Mendes and Sara Coutinho.

Finally, the audience was able to see the performances of the “Special GYM” team athletes and the performance of the artistic gymnastics of the athletes of the gymnastics academy. All this can be summed up in one word:

The day ended by sharing some moments of playing sports all together!

Waiting for a next edition, during the following months a publication will be created that will collect the reports and presentations realized and illustrated at the workshop “GROWING THE FUTURE”.

Following some links of the Portuguese press:


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Some participants on the second day of workshops

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